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​Hospitals and clinics are an important part of our society’s framework.  That being the case it is crucial that these institutions stay running   in order to continue to do their good work that they do.  But, like most environments, there are machines and tools in the healthcare industry that can break down:  boilers that heat the hospital and even switches and transformers that power it.  All of these parts are areas of risk that, with the use of Pepper services, can be minimized. Thermography or Vibration Analysis, or both, can be used to identify pending problems in Health Care facilities.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, be proactive and find the problem before it grows into something bigger.

ApplicationsEarly Detection - Prevents Breakdowns
Bearings - BreakdownStarters - Excessive Maintenance Costs
Couplings - FireMotors - Explosion
Alignment - Loss of BusinessBoilers - Loss of Insurance
Breakers - Loss of LifeSwitches - Capital Loss
Engines  Transformers  
Machine Controls  Buss Ducts  
Furnaces  Steam Traps  
Power Lines  Gear Reducers  
V-Belts  Chains  
Conveyor Belts  Motor Control Centers



Safer Employees

Equipment Longevity

Maximum Up Time

Increased Income

Lower Liability