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​In an industry as complex as logistics, that value of being able to predict break downs and work stoppages is priceless.  With so many moving parts on so many different vessels, trucks, machines, planes, you name it, one overlooked bearing that breaks down can cost exponential amounts more in lost time and wages. Thermography or Vibration Analysis, or both, can be used to identify pending problems in Shipping industry, making sure that your business continues to get where it needs to be on time.

ApplicationsEarly Detection - Prevents Breakdowns
Bearings - BreakdownStarters - Excessive Maintenance Costs
Couplings - FireMotors - Explosion
Alignment - Loss of BusinessBoilers - Loss of Insurance
Breakers - Loss of LifeSwitches - Capital Loss
Engines  Transformers  
Machine Controls  Buss Ducts  
Furnaces  Steam Traps  
Power Lines  Gear Reducers  
V-Belts  Chains  
Conveyor Belts  Motor Control Centers



Safer Employees

Equipment Longevity

Maximum Up Time

Increased Income

Lower Liability