Fan imbalance can be a result of increased dust/debris accumulation or buildup of material on the impeller during normal use. These problems may cause fans to become subject to increased fan vibration and imbalance especially if bearings, shafts or support structures are poorly designed or insufficient to handle the operating environment.

If unchecked, this can lead to catastrophic fan failure and costly outages. Rotating machinery needs to run efficiently and without interruption. A variety of factors can throw a fan out of balance causing excessive wear and tear, shortening the life of equipment and lowering operating efficiency. Out of balance fans and shafts can even cause secondary damage to bearings and fan structures which could lead to extensive machine down time and interruptions to your production and operating schedules.


Causes of Imbalance

Manufacturing Defects

  • Centrifugal force deformation

  • Blade sag

  • Blade cracks

  • Improper paintwork or coating

  • Strain from rotor disk weld

Imbalance from Operation

  • Fouling on rotor disk

  • Local corrosion

  • Droplet erosion

  • Heat deformation

  • Wear from solids

  • Stray imbalances

  • Solid and fluid inclusions in hub shell

Installation Errors

  • Faulty axial blade mounting

  • Loose or tilted hub-to-shaft fit

  • Bent shaft seat

  • Imbalance on belt pulleys

Imbalance from Repairs

  • Missing balancing weights

  • Imbalance on coupling

  •           Improper paintwork or coating
  •           Detached coating