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With less risks, your employees can rest assured that their worksite takes safety seriously.

Safer Employees

Reliability centered maintenance helps you get the full life cycle out of your machines.

Equipment Longevity

We help your machines keep running so you can keep your business growing.

Maximum Up Time

Less money lost to downtime means more money in your poket.

Increased Income

Get it right the first time with Pepper Maintenance® certified installations.

Lower Liability

Working long hours with tools and machines that never rest is how you get ahead. But when one of those tools or machines breaks down the losses in both dollar and time are STAGGERING to your business.


by looking at your business through a new lens, literally. With the Pepper Maintenance® team’s suite of services, you can now see problem areas in your factory, machine, and motor before they break down.

Production is KEY to making your profits grow, and investing in the means for production enhances those profits. The latest technologies and knowledge, used with RELIABILITY BASED MAINTENANCE PRACTICES, will ensure your facility’s health is running at OPTIMUM levels. The technologies utilized by the Pepper Maintenance® team, will also give decision makers quantitative means of basing repairs and regular maintenance frequencies.


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Infrared Analysis and Thermographs

Also called "thermal imaging," infrared thermography is the study and analysis of heat. Infrared thermography uses the law of thermodynamics. Although electrical applications are the most widely recognized, uses extend far beyond the electrical to motors, bearings, drives and belts.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a natural diagnostic tool for equipment. Vibration--the destructive movement present in all rotating machinery--needs to be understood for infrared analysis to be done in the most effective manner. There are many causes of vibration.

Continuous Monitoring

Pepper Maintenance offers continuous monitoring of your equipment. Utilizing the NanoPrecise system and sensors, you can have the peace of mind knowing that if a fault occurs, you will know before it fails.

Motion Amplification

In 2018, Pepper Maintenance added Motion Amplification to our services. Motion Amplification is a new technology that uses video to visualize movement that is unseen by our naked eye. This tool is a very powerful addition for troubleshooting chronic problems or verify new installations.

Ultrasonic Inspections

Ultrasonic inspection is a tool that can help with the identification and location of electrical anomalies that may not be detectable with conventional methods. Ultrasonic inspection works hand in hand with our very successful and reliable infrared thermography inspection services.

Motor Circuit Analysis

Motor Circuit Analysis provides a complete motor health report. Much more powerful than megging and looks at a wide range of possible motor problems.

Precision Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment – in new installations and existing equipment. Laser Alignment, Infrared Thermography, and Vibration Analysis work together bringing the latest technologies to your facility. This makes the goal of reliability centered maintenance easier to achieve.