Infrared Thermography is technology recognized as a proven form of nondestructive testing and a diagnostic tool in reliability centered maintenance. Pepper Maintenance® uses the proven technology of infrared equipment in this particular aspect of their services. The images recorded during these surveys can be used to diagnose different problems existing in electrical panels, overhead lines and electric motors. There are many other applications where abnormal amounts of excessive heat are being generated. Thermographic technology helps detect potential breakdowns before they occur. Reliability centered maintenance complements any industry’s approach toward the most efficient and economically feasible, total maintenance plan.

Survey Process

Pepper Maintenance® uses the technology found in the FLIR system for the Thermographic Survey services they offer. All testing is done during plant operation while equipment is under load. The images recorded during these surveys are used to diagnose problems in:


  • Electrical panels

  • Reducers

  • Bearings

  • Overhead lines

  • Electric motors

  • Many other applications that generate abnormal amounts of heat

  • Survey Results and Reports

During the survey, a Pepper Maintenance® thermographer records abnormal heat variations in a unit both digitally and orally.

Our thermographer also develops a detailed, written report. The report contains color images that show the source of heat, all pertinent information and suggestions for correction. Your Pepper Maintenance® thermographer is trained to provide the most accurate and reliable reports. Pepper Maintenance® provides the written report to the surveyed facility usually within 24-48 hours, but critical conditions are communicatied to management for their immediate and direct attention.


      Standards for Analysis and Corrective Measures Example:

Pepper Maintenance® noted to the customer as an area of major concern requiring immediate correction five years before the breakdown. Time destroyed the unit.

Cost of repair - $119, 000.
Cost to prevent the failure 5 years earlier – less than $3, 000.

Which one would you prefer?
Pepper Maintenance® assisted the customer in negotiating the fix.