For an extra layer of insurance and peace of mind consider Certified Precision Installations.


Precision installations are performed by Laser Alignment Specialists verified by Certified Vibration Analysts and Level I Infrared Thermography Technicians. 


Step 1

Precision Laser Alignment initially establishes the alignment conditions of newly installed components of new projects. This gives the original misalignment readings. Also provided are horizontal and vertical diagrams to illustrate these findings.


Step 2

Precision Laser Alignment procedures are then used to make precise installation adjustments on the new equipment mentioned above. In some instances, precision alignment is not achievable. If this is the case, notice is given to the client. Additional millwright work may be required. 


Step 3

After the adjustments are completed on the new equipment, final recorded results will be provided. This includes horizontal and vertical diagrams. 


Step 4

Vibration Analysis is then used to establish baselines for the vertical, horizontal and axial in a detailed report. These reading confirm the Laser Alignment Precision Installation of the new equipment and overall expected increased reliability of the equipment. This process assures the client an unbiased opinion of conditions and that any necessary adjustments have been made.


These four steps lead to Certified Precision Installations using industry standards for new equipment. 



Infrared Thermography may be used from time to time during the Precision Laser Alignment process to allow heat flow analysis of the equipment. This will provide the technician with an additional discipline in the toolbox to confirm the Certified Precision Installation. Finding unusual heat flow patterns indicate potential issues.