Laser Alignment – in new installations and existing equipment. Laser Alignment, Infrared Thermography, and Vibration Analysis work together bringing the latest technologies to your facility. This makes the goal of reliability centered maintenance easier to achieve.


Benefits of Using Laser Alignment

Many benefits result when using Laser Alignment: 

  • Reduction of energy usage by lowering friction levels 

  • Makes us aware of how future equipment should be built and installed

  • Reactive work becomes proactive work

  • Increases profitability by lowering down time, lowering cost of maintenance and repairs, and increases equipment life

  • Extension of equipment life by making machinery run more efficiently 

  • Lowers normal wear and tear

  • Eliminates misalignment 

  • Lowers occurrence of bad bearings and bent or chipped teeth

  • Reduces drive belt wear

  • Prevents elliptical static bore

  • Precise rotor and stator alignment 

  • Prevents eccentric armature journals

  • Prevents open or shorted windings 


Laser Equipment
Laser Alignment and Vibration Analysis work together providing evidence of misalignment. They can also confirm the results of that Laser Alignment check. In our history, we have confirmed that misalignment is a leading cause of unacceptable levels of vibration. Reliable interpretations and analysis are done using the latest equipment and software programs by our competent data analysts. 


Easy-Laser D480

The most precise Laser Alignment installations are done using the latest equipment and software available to our field trained technicians.


Laser Alignment Applications

Precision Installation is applicable in all mechanical installations where rotating components are found. Applications vary with each unique installation.