Reliability Based Maintenance Program

Think ahead and save money!

Working in a fast paced, high intensity industry, you can’t afford any unplanned downtime. When systems and machines break down, it costs your business both time and money, two resources that can be hard to come by.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long before you ensure your business is ready to keep working long into the night, and sign up for the Pepper Maintenance® reliability based maintenance program.

Pepper Maintenance® works by identifying anomalies and vibration of dangerous levels to machinery and persons. Once identified, those problem spots are then quantified as to their risk level, and then repair recommendations are made.

Sometimes, a customer will decide to postpone these necessary repairs. Subsequent inspections reveal that problems identified earlier by Pepper Maintenance® have continued to accelerate as connections deteriorate and bearings wear. If left unattended, component failure is inevitable and downtime occurs. Waiting while the maintenance crew replaces a head bearing or because a starter tripped out resulting in plugged equipment is counter-productive. Down time is a force to be reckoned with in all industries, so eliminating down time is essential to running an efficient operation.

Pepper Maintenance® analysis is objective and they stress to clients that it is not their intent to critique practices or analyze programs. Pepper Maintenance® intent is to make the lives of their clients less stressful during periods of heavy equipment use and long running times.

Demonstrating to our clients the benefit of reliability centered maintenance through the use of all our services is exciting, and with Pepper Maintenance®, a penny saved will indeed result in a penny earned.